— 2019/20

Building an infrastructure to deliver larger and more complex capabilities and experiences, driving user engagement and long term value for a wide audience across 3 markets in the Compare Asia Group portfolio.


User Research
User Testing
User Journeys
High fidelity UI design
Visual QA

Who are the users?

  • Product focussed

  • Bargain hunters

  • General traffic interested in new brand features (24-45 Y/O)

For launch the key journey a user would be creating an account is when they apply for a product on our platforms and wish to claim incentives offered by CAG brands upon successful application. Beyond launch this capability will have impact on the blog, feature innovation and community involvement, personalised product and content recommendations and much more.

What do they want?

  • Access to exclusive content and incentives

  • A personalised dashboard

  • Tailored recommendations

Surveys and feedback uncovered the key driver for users to create an account was to track their product application status within a personalised dashboard, with the incentives offered by CAG brands upon successful application also in high demand. The full of feature requests included saving articles and content, holistic product information and services, discounts for premium members and quick re-entry into previous searches.


User Research

The process started with stakeholder interviews, internal workshops and ideation sessions, usability testing, competitor analysis and desktop research to narrow our entry points and expected behaviours.

Once the starting point was defined, user journeys and low-fidelity prototypes were created for user testing based on 2 unique needs to identify the higher preference – discount on purchase or tracking their application status.


Ideation, mapping and testing

The data showed tracking your application status was the highest demand feature for login, with incentives for members being expected. This lead to a two-pronged approach of only allowing users to collect brand offered rewards if they created an account, and also plugging in details of their application status to the dashboard for products.

Detailed user journeys per vertical were then created. As decisions were signed off the wireframes and prototypes became more and more detailed. User testing was conducted to ensure users found value in the features we were creating and understood the entry points and their value. This testing was conducted on desktop.



As this project was a standalone feature on the site, we utilised this to refresh certain brand assets and functionality of certain components. Extensive work went into form fields, their validations and states, and enhancing our brand through expressive, relevant imagery. Guerilla testing was held for these elements during the process.




  • 10,000 Users signed up in first 3 months

  • 3 new features added since MVP launch – exclusive content to logged in members, a needs analysis quiz to help users identify what products are best for them, and an incentivised login campaign providing free online insurance to new users

  • High engagement rate for campaigns and incentives run through login

We are seeing ongoing user growth with numbers now exceeding 50,000, and have an extensive backlog of initiatives to be run through the log-in funnel such as capability to save products and articles, building a library of exclusive content, goal setting, reminders and personalised recommendations.

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