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1 About – Rebecca Jennings 2021


Sydney has a lively creative scene. Australians win more than their share of awards globally, and it’s been a great place for me to build my design experience. For two years as lead in-house Graphic Designer at Protocol Brand & Culture, a brand and communications agency in Sydney, I worked with leading Australian and internationally recognised brands — on projects from customer experience design, to employee engagement, brand-refresh and start-ups, across all digital and traditional platforms. My clients were in key sectors both B2C and B2B.

After establishing my roots in Sydney, I made the move to Hong Kong in 2016. My first three years in Asia were spent as a Senior Art Director at Isobar Hong Kong, leading multiple luxury accounts in travel, retail, property development, insurance and FMCG in markets throughout Asia and the US to deliver innovative, digitally-focussed creative strategies.

Currently at Compare Asia Group, a mature FinTech startup, leading UI design across our six markets. I spend my days focussing on driving innovation in our products and creating meaningful interactions with our customers. Ensuring our products are relevant, useful, and user-centric to empower our customers to lead healthier financial lives.

Throughout the years, I've also worked as a freelance graphic designer and front end web developer, creating unique brand and web presences for several small businesses and start-ups across Asia-Pacific.

In addition to all this, I'm a contemporary arts enthusiast, over the top animal lover, chicken wing eating champion, amateur Muay Thai boxer (life’s about balance), avid traveller, and most importantly a highly passionate individual who’s on a mission to make the world a more sustainable, inclusive and equal place.


Great design is grounded in a great idea.

Great ideas are wrapped in a sound strategy and a clear objective.


Energetic, a little zany, positive, firm believer in “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.


Contemporary art enthusiast. Typography nerd.
Full of wanderlust. Nacho expert.
Living in Hong Kong.


Busy is best! Creative. Open communicator. Outside the square thinker.


DIGITAL: I view digital as a limitless opportunity space; not only to gain exposure and manage brand integrity, but to create innovative ways to grow market share and experiment with UI to build some seriously distinctive customer experiences.

EXPERIENCE DESIGN: All great design will consider the user experience, but the emerging field of experience design excites me with its social relevancy and different approaches to design thinking. Getting in to a user’s mindset and merging different disciplines to create tangible, rewarding experiences for humans and society is what continuously inspires me to create.